Green School

When I say “Green School” some of you may jump up with excitement and others may just look at me and say really? I believe if all of you went and checked out the Green School when you were in Bali you would all want to either send your kids there or wish that you … Continue reading

First few moments

So day one, I thought I’d write on day one and see if things change over time (I’m sure they will). Almost so my followers and I can reflect on how this all began. I have the time and access to wifi so its a good time to do it because my living arrangements and access … Continue reading

The beautiful souls that make you return to the beautiful places

Local – Nusa Lembogan

Indo Dreaming…..

Endless ripples silently drifting by into the distance I let go and cry cry for freedom within ones mind staring at the now and forgetting what’s behind signals deep within ones eyes and to find peace within is all our heart tries forgiveness is given to all that ask life is a journey never a … Continue reading