Indo Dreaming…..

Endless ripples silently drifting by

into the distance I let go and cry

cry for freedom within ones mind

staring at the now and forgetting what’s behind

signals deep within ones eyes

and to find peace within is all our heart tries

forgiveness is given to all that ask

life is a journey never a task

love comes to those who wait

and maybe it is a question upon fate

beauty is simple, people make it complex

maybe complexity is written within my text

roads begin and seem to have no end

and I look beside me to a friend

for some sort of comfort far away

but where are the y you may say

once again back where I started

where my heart and mind are parted

where things make no sense

you cant decide whether to be in the future or past tense

back to this state of speed

where sanity is not a must its a need.

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