First few moments

So day one, I thought I’d write on day one and see if things change over time (I’m sure they will). Almost so my followers and I can reflect on how this all began. I have the time and access to wifi so its a good time to do it because my living arrangements and access to wifi may be very different over the next few months.

I have arrived safely and felt quite at ease as soon as I arrived. Normally arriving on the late night flight into Denpasar can make you a bit tense and anxious. This time I seemed to be quite at ease, things that could have stressed me out normally seemed to not. It was nice to arrive and realise that there is not a definite end to this trip which is nice because some times when travelling you put a time limit on everything and the trip seems to slip away from you.

Sat next a lovely gentlemen on the flight who gave a few insights to Bali, he does business  here so that seemed to excite and relax me at the same time, it made me feel I wasn’t on my own in wanting to work and live in Bali.

Woke up to a stunning 30 degree day today and seemed to walk the whole of Seminyak and Legian. I wanted to see what I remembered and see what had changed. There is a whole lot more shops, restaurants and hotels, the crowd also seems a little different to previous years but that could have been where I was walking around. Saw a few people of pushies so thats a must have over the next few weeks, not so keen on the motorbikes.

Already have a local card and this little warung (cafe) where I had a juice and lunch. They were very lovely and welcomed me to Bali. 10th juice I have there is on them, love it. I could end up having a free one every week the way I drink mixed juices here, but I’ll go easy on them. It was nice to support the small little local warungs. There is a whole mix of places to eat but I do love the local food so that’s what I’ll stick to. It’s easy to just go to a cafe just like home and get your normal salads and sandwiches (yes they all exist in seminyak now) but its nice to immerse yourself in something different.

During my walk I found myself stopped outside a massive construction site admiring how the local labours were working. It was very impressive they are very determined, hard workers and have very different techniques to Australia. Well to start everything is done my hand, you should have seen it these fit both young and old guys carrying massive amounts of reinforced concrete. They caught me out  watching them and I just gave them a smile and continued will be doing more watching in the coming weeks, they are just such hard workers and in this heat I admire there dedication.

A really nice thing I noticed today is everyone always smiles at you or says excuse me or thank you. Its a pleasant surprise. I’ve already made a little buddy who is down the road from where I’m staying,he waves and gives me the biggest sparkling smile every time I walk past just adorable. Its not only the smiles but the stares everyone really susses everyone out here thats all good because I feel like its in pleasant way.

Well thats for me today. Wont write everyday just when I feel I need to share.

Its nice to have a few lil luxuries before I find my new home

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