Green School

When I say “Green School” some of you may jump up with excitement and others may just look at me and say really? I believe if all of you went and checked out the Green School when you were in Bali you would all want to either send your kids there or wish that you had a Green school to attend when you were younger. Green school was a concept that grew from a man names John Hardy and his wife. They were living in bali, had kids themselves and looked at all the international schools but weren’t that impressed. They got a team together and worked on the concept of Green school. John couldn’t find the right architects for the job so he created his own design team and worked on the design team himself to ensure his vision was created. He worked with a group now called Ibuku and they created the most beautiful school all constructed from bamboo. The bamboo was locally sourced and the school is trying to ensure there are more plantations in the local area so they have a sufficient source close by for any new jobs or maintenance on the school. The school is providing seedlings to local farmers for free and asking them to plant them. The school takes a holistic approach to learning and have many different ways of teaching there are many outdoor activities for example each class has a animal to look after feed etc. Some grades look after the chicken and eggs and try selling free range eggs. There is  large crystal all the way from Brazli (don’t know how sustainable that one is but anyway) that is in the centre of the school and is used for ceremonies or a healing circle (that might be a bit much for some of you but of course its one of my favourite features) They have rice paddies which the students all planted and were able to eat the produce themselves. Each class has a garden outside their classroom which they must care for and they take home the produce to eat. There are solar panels and a water vertex that is pumping water from the river into a large concrete tank and due to the pressure it creates a vertex and then the water goes back into the river, they are trying to create energy from both of these sources. There are so many little projects going on in the school that I don’t think any student would ever get bored of school. The rooms are all completely open with no doors or windows. They have this fantastic system in one of the rooms where they can enclose part of the classroom if hit by harsh weather, rather an incredible concept. Overall they have 240 expat  students and 18 local students. The local students are sponsored through their sponsorship program. The school gets the funds for sponsorship via their tours they run 3 times a week, they ask all people that attend the tour for a donation and you can also buy a bamboo pole. Some of you may say bamboo pole? Yes so you can get your name engraved on the bamboo poles throughout the school. Name drop, Sir Richard Branson has had his name engraved on the bamboo and there are several others. The cheapest pole starts at $100 and goes up to $50,0000, think ill stick to the $100 pole thanks. Overall its a fantastic school with great facilities for kids, its built alongside a river with beautiful views and winds blowing and cooling the school throughout the whole day. They have a large play area and sports fields. A few parents are running a few little cafes and coffee carts at the front of the school which is great, the food was delicious. So if your moving to bali and want to send you kids to a beautiful school with a holistic approach please send them to Green School or even if your visiting go check it out especially if your a teacher because more schools around the world could take a leaf out of their book. Please note the school is very hard to find but thats almost one of the cool things its in the middle of nowhere and amongst the beautiful jungle and as was said many times by the tour guide ‘touch on Bamboo’ you don’t get lost like we did. Well worth it once I got there. Please enjoy some of the photos below.

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