Trying to understand

Am I scared or just unprepared is it just easier to be alone or just communicate on the phone I don’t want to commit to the past where every thing moves too fast I’ll wait for it to be just right or it this something thats not in sight the time will come again where … Continue reading


One thing I really wanted to do when I came to Bali was give back to the place that had given me so much over the years.  Bali is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, environment and culture, but unfortunately both the environment,people and culture do suffer. Sometimes you only see glimpses of … Continue reading

Time to change your life and follow the right path……..

The heart can sometimes lie It can make you believe something so much it hurts and you cry you are almost consumed by it all because its like a drug you don’t want to end but eventually you will fall fall to the realisation that its not as good as you thought and its actually … Continue reading

Day to Day

So I have nearly been in Bali for a month now and its has been jam packed with all sorts of things. I have seen a lot and been exposed to many aspects of the islands culture and community. I am really enjoying every aspect. There is a just a sense of happiness and peace … Continue reading