Day to Day

So I have nearly been in Bali for a month now and its has been jam packed with all sorts of things. I have seen a lot and been exposed to many aspects of the islands culture and community. I am really enjoying every aspect. There is a just a sense of happiness and peace here, there is a really positive energy and outlook on life even though at times it may be difficult for many. Everyone just potters along doing their own thing, they are calm and try to avoid conflict and always happy to welcome you with a smile. Of course you have the craziness of the traffic and there are a lack of rules and regulation which may drive many mad but I think thats why their is a sense of a ‘laid back attitude’ with day to day. I enjoy the lack of rules and regulations it seems to keep me calmer than at home. Obviously in the bigger scheme of things locals may not think there is this attitude or vibe because it is very different for a local and an expat to live here but each day when you meet with people they are casual, informal and greet you with a smile. They may beep at your on the road but its not an aggressive beep its just a ‘hey I’m here beep” and the same when your walking around and they say ‘hello miss’ 8 times out of 10 I have found that they don’t want anything from me they just want to say hello. They love to hear about where your from and what your doing here. Of course the other two out of 10 you get a gut feeling and you just don’t give out much information. It’s like anywhere. I have learnt to always show my respect to the locals and understand that this is their Island and no matter how long I am here for I am not from here and I need to be very conscious to not offend or upset anyone.

I think one thing that has really stuck in my mind in the day to day is what I see, smell and hear going to and from work ( details about work to follow in another blog). So as most of you probably know the most common mode of transport here is the motor bike, everybody rides a motor bike and they are quite talented on these motorbikes, sometimes there will be up to 4 people on one bike, Mum, Dad, teenager and then a baby its quite the sight. Locals also seem to carry whatever they can on their motor bike for example, last night i saw someone carrying 2×2 metre sheets of metal whilst his friend rode the motor bike. It blows my mind. ‘Safety first’ is definitely not something that would be quoted here. The other thing is that you see kids half the size of me riding their bikes and there’s me complaining about being scared and worried to get on a motorbike. Sometimes it can take up to 1-2 hours to get home from work each day because of where I live. I really like where I live because its central to surfing, meeting people and socialising and all other basic needs and wants that a women has ha. So  with my commute I can experience a lot. Last night I got a lift home on the back of my friends bike and as we were going along every 10 metre I was overwhelmed by a new smell, whether it be smoke from the little side markets smoking fish; or fresh spray paint on the walls of the street, or petrol and fumes; or frangipani’s. i just feel like all my senses are heightened when you visit a new place. Everything is so exciting and diverse and so different to what your used to. You don’t have any judgement you are just open and you enjoy the whole experience. Whilst I was back on the bike I also got  to admire the beautiful light and the full moon it was just stunning.

I have realised that although things may seem rather illogical at times they are actually more logical than they are at home.Now I dont know if this more logical or its just something simple that keeps people calm because they are being told whats going on, but at the traffic lights they have a timer or countdown to tell you how long it is until a green light. I love it so simple but I don’t know people are less impatient because they know when the lights going to change. I think maybe thats what I am liking about day to day, is the simplicity of things. When did we go and make things so complicated. The more complicated the more confusing and room for error I believe. These are a just a few of the amazing things I have smelt, seen or experienced. I could go on forever, but I’m sure if you have visited you know what I’m talking about or if you haven’t then I’ll leave it for you to explore…..til next time….take care peace love and happiness.

One Response to “Day to Day”
  1. Aunty Linnea says:

    The way you describe your experiences I feel I am beside you inhaling Bali
    I remember ….

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