Time to change your life and follow the right path……..

The heart can sometimes lie

It can make you believe something so much it hurts and you cry

you are almost consumed by it all

because its like a drug you don’t want to end but eventually you will fall

fall to the realisation that its not as good as you thought

and its actually someone else’s ideals that you have caught

you collapse because it begins to fall apart

and you feel a pain in your heart

but the day it becomes clear

and you no longer live in fear

you walk down the path you want to walk

you can be jaded by all the talk

but believe in yourself and stay strong

and don’t do what others want you to do because its wrong

listen to your intuition and your mind

because pure bliss is what you will find

One Response to “Time to change your life and follow the right path……..”
  1. Aunty Linnea says:

    Absolutely beautiful xxx

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