Free Falling

I’m trying to find you But I don’t know where you are, if only I knew I don’t want to search but I want you by my side In the past maybe my mind has lied I just want you here and now I don’t know how How I can find you and have you … Continue reading

Not what you asked for

Its time to say goodbye And I do not know why You came to me for a moment but you must go You don’t belong that’s all I know You flew in and rustled my feathers into a mess And played with my mind like a game of chess Take a look in the mirror … Continue reading

Silent visit one dark night

Do you only exist in my dreams You have it all it seems But is love blinding all things true How I feel I only wish you knew Open your mind open your eyes And please forget societies lies Because this rare And to deny this is not fair I bring you close just for … Continue reading

Black and white dreams

Everyone keeps saying its black and white And I can see what I want clearly in my sight But why does it continue to be a fight A fight within the mind and I’m not sure what is wrong or right Its scares me to let go And go deep into an area I don’t … Continue reading

Dawn and Dusk

Two points in time that I absolutely love in Bali are Dawn and Dusk. I also love these points in time at home but it seems even more special here. Everything is really still and it feels as though its a moment in time for reflections, giving thanks and silence. Dawn its time to say … Continue reading

Surfing and Life

We often use the saying just ride the wave of life and recently I have seen the parallels between surfing and life become even stronger. I have had a few moments of clarity whilst sitting out in the surf, I guess it’s a time when I’m very calm and I can think clearly. I was … Continue reading