Dawn and Dusk

Two points in time that I absolutely love in Bali are Dawn and Dusk. I also love these points in time at home but it seems even more special here. Everything is really still and it feels as though its a moment in time for reflections, giving thanks and silence. Dawn its time to say thank you for a new day and be at peace for the day ahead. Dusk is a moment of reflection from the day that has passed and to give thanks for a wonderful day.

Dawn there is silence on the streets in the houses and on the beach, but I believe dusk there is just a silence in the mind. I believe we are at our calmest state at dawn and dusk. I believe the mind is clear and you can just focus on the present moment without being busy or jaded. I tried to enjoy both of these moments when I was at home, but never got to, because dawn I was asleep too exhausted to get out bed to enjoy it and dusk I was racing back from work or trying to get out of work and the city and normally so distracted I couldn’t enjoy anything about the moment. I believe we should stop and be in the present at dawn and dusk.

Dawn the streets are quiet, I love to head down to the beach with no one on on the road and focus on the arrival to my destination. once I arrive to the beach its almost empty and I can run with out dodgy a million and one people( something I do not miss about running around botanic gardens at home). The air is fresh its almost cold and I need to wear a coat but I grin and bear it cause its not home cold. Its a beautiful time to run without being fried by the sun, by 9 it is already quite warm to go running. There seems to only be locals about walking their dogs or pottering about preparing for work. Tourists are still fast asleep recovering from their hangovers. I really enjoy appreciating the silence and beauty before it gets bombarded by the day to day mayhem. As I ride back home on my motorbike people start to fill the streets and the liveliness of Bali begins. The pace increases and its time for a new day.

Dusk I always seem to have these uh-huh moments its a time when the mind becomes quiet and there is a sense of silence you reflect on your day and you take what you have learnt for the day.

This is a good time for me to make decisions for the new day or life. My mind is very clear and I feel completely at one with myself. Its important to listen very carefully to your mind body and spirit at this time of day some big answers will come to you.

Its funny after dawn and dusk in Bali things become crazy busy and the streets change but at complete darkness in preparation for dawn the streets are dead seems like a ghost town you feel like your in another place feel like its not the same place you were at 6 hours ago.  I feel at dawn and complete darkness you see the true Bali, maybe what it used to be like, wish I could have seen it back in the 70’s for example I have heard some great stories. Like when the main road in kuta was still gravel would have been bliss.

Another thing I have noticed at dawn and dusk is the light something happens to your sight everything seems so much more beautiful the colours are incredible and your eyes almost can not open wide enough to enjoy it. Also other sense are heightened at this time I can smell the crispness in the air and can feel the cold wind hit me as I go past the rice paddies I feel like the oxygen is giving me a new breath of fresh air. So as you can tell I really love Dawn and Dusk. Try to appreciate it today or tomorrow wherever you are in the world I’m sure it is beautiful no matter where you are.

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