Black and white dreams

Everyone keeps saying its black and white

And I can see what I want clearly in my sight

But why does it continue to be a fight

A fight within the mind and I’m not sure what is wrong or right

Its scares me to let go

And go deep into an area I don’t know

Don’t let your mind control you

Control your mind, you know what is true

Take it day by day

And try to pray

That it all makes sense in the end

Even if you cant understand the message the universe may send

Don’t be too confident but don’t be too shy

But give it your all and always try

The universe will provide

To the ones that believe deep down inside

That dreams exist to come true

So stay focused and power on through

Because these hurdles are just a test

To see whether your heart is still pumping behind your chest

It takes time to all fall in to place

But in the mean time don’t loose face

Be patient and the truth will be told

And let this dream life unfold.

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