Silent visit one dark night

peace and love

Do you only exist in my dreams

You have it all it seems

But is love blinding all things true

How I feel I only wish you knew

Open your mind open your eyes

And please forget societies lies

Because this rare

And to deny this is not fair

I bring you close just for a moment in time

But is wanting it all , a crime

Stand by me just a little longer

Because I know whatever this is will become stronger

Don’t say goodbye too soon

Because this occurs once in a blue moon

I’m ready but I will wait

But don’t wait forever because it may be too late

We are presented with this

Why not enjoy pure bliss

I cant remember how to feel

Feel something so real

Don’t think too much

because maybe the truth is in one touch

my life is nearly complete

but I do wish one day again we do meet

you came to me that night

maybe wanting to make it all right

but you are gone again

and I don’t want you to feel the pain

you came to me for a reason I do not know

but come again and just let go

because it will all make sense one day

night after night I will continue to pray

be careful out there

because I do care

and I think we have something to share

I can tell by the way you stare

Stare deep into my mind

I hope on your journey its me who you find.

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