Free Falling

I’m trying to find you

But I don’t know where you are, if only I knew

I don’t want to search but I want you by my side

In the past maybe my mind has lied

I just want you here and now

I don’t know how

How I can find you and have you here

I’m trying to reach you but what I see is fear

Maybe we are just playing it hard

And waiting for the universe to play its card

But im ready cause it feels good

If only we could

Could make this happen and feel free

But this isn’t what I imagined how it would be

But maybe its not so easy to find

But you exist in my mind

I want to fly

Fly high in the bright blue sky

Where nothing matters and things make sense

Do you only exist in the past tense

I want to find you

And see if what everyone says is true

Are you lost or am I

Im not sure but I know I cant deny

That this is what I want today

So I will continue to pray

Everyday I feel the pain

Its beginning to send me insane

Are you hiding out there

Or are you right here in my somewhere

Touch me in different way

Say what I want you to say

Put your hand out to mine

And we can go all will be fine

Just make the jump its time

Falling is not a crime

I’m free falling

And now I here you calling

I think I have found you

Just give me a sign or a clue

One Response to “Free Falling”
  1. Linnea says:

    Set yourself free 🙂

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