Not what you asked for

Its time to say goodbye

And I do not know why

You came to me for a moment but you must go

You don’t belong that’s all I know

You flew in and rustled my feathers into a mess

And played with my mind like a game of chess

Take a look in the mirror once in a while

It might teach you something and you will run a mile

You scare me how intense you can be

Cant you see what you doing to me

What gave you the right

To come here please go get out of my sight

It may be hard at first but its better in the end

You are not something I want to defend

Theres me thinking its meant to be like this

And you can make it ok by a hug and a kiss

You tied my wings down

And brought me nothing but a frown

How can one do this to another being

I don’t think its reality what you are seeing

Its not your turn to control my mind

Let me free and see what you find

Take a step back

And walk down a different track

Cause I don’t like what your doing to me

Its time for us to climb a different tree

Im going to explore what  I know it right

Enjoy continue your life fight

I belong and have found my place

Please now disappear without a trace

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