Why Bali

Some people still may be wondering why Bali? Well I have always known the answer to why Bali and I have known for a long time but now that I have been here for four months I can probably express the answer to why Bali a lot better and I can explain why so many people like me come to live in Bali.

Bali opens its arms to all and then it picks and chooses who it wants to stay. Bali is a place of opportunity but it doesn’t get handed to you on a platter. I came to Bali because I had a gut feeling that everything in life would makes sense when I arrived here. All the questions in my mind would make sense and things within me and my life would just click and I must say, they have. I had a gut feeling I would find my place here and I would make my mark in the world here. In Australia I never felt this I just felt like it was one massive competition whether it be for a job, an apartment, a guy, a beer at the pub it was all too hard and just too much of an effort. Ok yes here it’s not easy but everyone is just being themselves and so diverse no ones trying to be someone else and therefore no one is competing against one another. Ok yes there’s subtleties of competiveness in the air for example if you’re a photographer you will be competing against someone else for the work but you’re an individual so you’re going to get the job because your slightly different to the photographer standing next to you. The fact that everybody is so diverse also means that there will be a client out there that will want you over someone else, but you need to put yourself out there to ensure you connect with those clients.

I find because Bali is a small art design hub its easier to network and everyone is always looking out for one another and will help promote or share someone because they know it will come back around. Many people believe in Karma here potentially because the local religion does and it’s in the air. I feel the local culture and religion affects every aspect of Bali life even if you are not heavily involved in the ceremonies or praying.

I am yet to meet someone that is not doing something interesting or cool. No one is egoistical about it they just love what they do they are not trying to make you jealous or anything they just share what they do without any arrogance behind it. I love meeting new people here and hearing what they do. It’s so inspiring. I’m yet to hear someone that’s doing the same thing as someone else in the creative world. Yes it might be similar to someone else but not that same it will have a different edge.

Bali is so inspiring and that’s why I came back because every time I came to visit I got clarity and got inspired to get back on the pathway of my dreams. Every trip I’d come back and quite my job move to a new place explore different options. Living here you get inspired every day, via the people you meet, the sights you see or just the moments of bliss and clarity.  Everyone here is making their dream come true.

Why do we do it here. Maybe because it’s a small island and we feel it’s not so competitive or maybe because we all feel at peace and feel we can be inspired and creative here, who knows. Everyone probably has their different reasons to why they came to Bali or why they left their home country. I mean I am sugar coating a lot of this it can be very hard to do what you love here with the government and corruption, but one thing I have learnt is Bali picks and chooses who it wants here and if you cant fight the hard times to live your dream and stay here then your not meant to be here. Bali picks a certain type of person and I think that’s why I have met so many incredible people here. I also feel the divine universe is presenting me with such an amazing array of people to make me the person I am.  Everyday I meet someone else who I am open to and who I know I will be inspired by.

Days here can be black and white you can have some days that are very hard but over all the days are blissful and you just feel like you being hugged by beauty, peace, happiness, creativity and love. I have never felt so open to be creative and to be who I am. Some friends who will visit me will probably get a shock cause they will see the real me ( I think it’s positive me), I am no longer someone that’s consumed by Sydney’s ideals, greed and a bizarre concept of reality. I know what I want and don’t stand for any thing I don’t believe in. I see cleary now. Some friends may not understand it, some will and I know they will say “Anna is back”. My brother said to me after our trip to Europe several years ago. I want my sister back the one I travelled with. I don’t think she has really come back until now. I think it was hard for my brother to see me slip into the pretentiousness of western society and feel that I needed to conform. My brother and I will never conform and nor will we ever fit right in a big city society.

Bali nurtures creativity and allows you to explore different options but you can’t just wait for it to come to you, you need to be proactive and make it happen and also be patient, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride but you just need to ride it or as I said in previous blogs is a beautiful perfect 4 foot wave you just need to ride it and enjoy the 4ft barrel and not be too scared of the deadly reef below. You need to be able to take risks and maybe that’s why we all love it here so much, because we can take risks and maybe that’s how Bali picks and chooses everyone. It see’s who is willing to take a risk, but also take the risk and be willing to be shut down and loose everything and then pick yourself back up and get back on track.

Obviously I am talking from a mind of an Australian living here. It may be different for other expats and also it is very different to the locals. I have tried to chat to some more locals and understand their culture and religion and lifestyle but it takes time so I’m patient and I know I will have some interesting blogs in the future. So stay tuned.

So I hope you understand why I am here now. Also it may have inspired you to come here. If it has be prepared to be stripped back to the raw you, potentially redefine yourself and get ready to work hard and have the best wave of your life.  It may have also put you off, because remember Bali chooses who it wants to live here.  Hopefully it choose you. Give it a shot. 

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