Dont let the passion go

For those of you that know me well know I’m a bit of greenie, I’ve never tried to push it upon anyone, I’ve never done protests about it but its been in me ever since I had the freedom to walk aimlessly through nature and play in mother natures backyard the ocean everyday of my life. How could I not want to protect that when I’m in it everyday. Over the years this passion for protecting not only the environment but the people and their cultures that inhabitant it has come and gone. Its only gone because of the people around me that have tried to take this passion away from me. I mean I cope shit day after day from friends, family and strangers for just wanting to care about the environment we walk in and around everyday. Doesn’t everyone want to protect it? Or maybe its cause I’m Taurean I get real territorial so I’m really territorial about the whole worlds environment now? No I just don’t want us, being me, our children and grandchildren all living in a gloomy concrete jungle full of smoke dust and nothing but darkness, yes this may be extreme but if humanity continues down the road its going we will have nothing but this 10 years down the track.

Well if that didn’t get your attention then maybe this will. I’m sitting in the most incredible 5 star resort in Bali this evening, having a nice wine and some dinner and I’m looking out over the ocean of Bali. I sit and have my dinner watch approximately 8 planes fly in and listen to the people behind me commenting on them. “ Wow there’s a lot its like LA there are so many that fly in and out of there, but in LA there would have been maybe one more in between those two that just arrived” Well mate hate to say it its not LA. It’s a beautiful small island of Indonesia that potentially shouldn’t have this much traffic. I have been so blessed to have been given the most amazing experience to stay at this 5 star resort for 4 nights and its has been incredible, most beautiful experience I have had in a long time, and I guess this is the wealthy tourist side to Bali and I guess this is what so many people come here for, but do they ever see the real side to Bali? I mean I am so relaxed right now and I am in heaven, but if I came to Bali and experienced only this yes I would be ridiculously relaxed but not very cultured, I may as well have gone to a top resort at home, oh but that’s right its cheaper here. Yet one night here is probably 6 months worth of a local wage here, but that’s a whole other story.  What I’m trying to get at is so many people come to Bali and experience this and have no idea what’s going on here. There is over development occurring, huge rubbish issues a massive increase in poverty. Same old, richer are becoming richer and poorer are becoming poorer. Ok so there’s all theses amazing hotels coming here and so many more people coming here but its destroying exactly why most of us non wealthy once came to Bali in the first place. It was not like home and that’s why we came, it was beautiful, untouched pure, peaceful and not much going on. Now it may as well be a piece of a massive city on a small island. Some have massive issues with greed here and someone needs to get a handle on it before its too late. I was wondering why I was so blessed to be given this amazing opportunity to stay in this amazing hotel, it was for me to see this side to Bali and stand up and be a voice again. You don’t have to wear hemp clothing and not shave your armpits, you can just protect the Island that we inhabitant right now whether it be for a week or a year, give it a shot. Protect it and especially those surfers out there come on. I don’t want to be swimming with baby turtles a year down the track like today and be surrounded by wrappers and diapers. You think this is awful well its already started. My beautiful friend in Canggu see’s it everyday and then we go and surf amongst it. How did this happen. I had a great chat with my girlfriend the other day about this and its almost like I’ve turned a blind eye on it all because when I arrived to Bali I tried to make a massive difference and got completely take for a ride and hey we all have to learn some how. I thought that I could no longer help Bali it was too hard, there were too many corrupt foundations, too many people that were talk and no action, but we can be the voice and we can be the action. We cant come in and try and help this island it must come from the island itself, I know they want it too, they just need our support. It must come from them but we are here to support. So every single one of you that surfs Bali be a voice and do your bit everyday. You don’t have to be greenie but share your knowledge with a local and pick up after yourself and don’t go and be part of the massive development and don’t give the greedy more and we can make a difference. Patience of course, but we can be protect this amazing island. I want to bring my kids here and show them all the amazing things I had growing up and being young women. So lets no sit back and wait for someone else to do it. Lets all do it everyday and we will make a change. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then maybe you haven’t surfed for long or haven’t been coming to Bali for long but when you have this connections you want to protect it just as much as it was your own but as I said we are here to support its not our island and we must respect that and respect they may do as they wish.

3 Responses to “Dont let the passion go”
  1. Shawna says:

    This is amazing babe! I agree with you completely. I know that there are clean up movements that happen on Kuta beach where they pick up the trash, I was thinking of volunteering or starting our own little group… would you be up for it?? xo

  2. Rachael Campbell says:

    Great blog hun. xxx, Hadnt read this one. – Rach.

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