The love we all dream of

This love is something you can’t deny
they can’t be apart no matter how hard they try
this love is what you see in your dreams
It’s pure bliss it seems
It’s felt from deep within
l et this beautiful journey begin
this pure love is rare
and is something special that they share
l ove can come and go
but this love I know
Is here to stay
this man is not here to play
he has found his angel and he will hold on tight
and for her he will never give up the fight
he will stand by her through all
and catch her if she may fall
they will sail together in the wild seas
and swing from blissful trees
they will be as one
and enjoy every minute of life and embrace all the fun.
they will love until the end
because they know t hey have found a best friend

This poem was written for my beautiful friend’s wedding day.

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