When you finally reach this state

You know it was worth the wait

You have worked hard for this

And now it is pure bliss

You are balanced and at ease

For this to never end you cry please

A smile from ear to ear

As there is no longer fear

You have peace within

And you have let go of every sin

You want to share this with all

And you hope you never fall

Fall from this incredible high

To embrace every minute is all you try

You are on cloud nine

Feeling mighty fine

All the beauty becomes so strong

And you couldn’t put a foot wrong

This is the way it should always be

Sitting on top of the happiness tree

Swimming in the abundant sea

Happiness is sometimes hard to find

But it just a matter or changing your mind

Its all about a balance in life

And steering clear of any strife

It comes from within

And once you’re found it miracles begin

Its spreads like fire

And all you desire

Plays out and becomes real

But it’s something that not all feel

Some cannot find this state

I don’t believe it is to do with fate

It comes from you and only you

So make this blissful happiness come true too

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