Torn between two homes

How do you set them apart

When they both feel so right in your heart

You feel torn when you visit one

As the other seems to be filled with light and fun

Do you have to make a choice

and try and listen to the little voice

or shall you just go with the flow

and realize its not important to know

you are blessed with this life

so don’t get caught in the strife

This is a chance

To take a second glance

And appreciate the best on each side

and realize to settle is all you’ve tried

but maybe you’ll never stop

to settle on a certain crop

maybe your born a gypsy girl

who will continue to spin and twirl

through life like it’s a game

only because you don’t want day to day to be the same

You choose the steps that you take

these are the decision you make

You must look out for the future tense

Cause maybe it will all start to make sense

But your best at living in the now

So you don’t want to question how

Just see what happens and feel it within

And know that in your life you did win

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