Travelling Alone

So you wake up one day and realize that you have had enough of the day to day grind of a big city. You wonder where you can go and get that work life balance back, find yourself, live a stress free life and start the life you really want to lead.

I decided Bali as we all know. When I made this decision it was so easy but the lead up, the steps and the journey I have gone on at times have not been so easy.

I thought, I have been going to Bali since I was 5 years old and I’ve been for the past 5 years with partners and friends. I know the place well, it will all be good.

Well I must admit heading to Bali alone is slightly different. You do not have the comfort of a friend or partner to consul if you feel scared, nervous or excited. You just have yourself. I guess this is the biggest lesson I have learnt travelling alone is that at the end of the day the only one that can love and look out for you, is you. Also you are the only one that can make the choices for the life you want to lead and of course the mistakes and actions you make, only you must deal with the consequences. It’s quite a liberating experience when you realize you are the creator of your life and you need to just look within for the answers rather than relying on others for advice and support. Ok yes on the flip side times can be hard and all you want to do is curl up on the couch with your best mate, have a big glass of red and get their advice on something, but you just learn that if your true to yourself you will be ok.

Many people said to me when I first arrived to Bali and still say it to me know, “You are so brave and I’m so proud of you.” At the time I was like yes whatever it’s not that big a deal, but now I look back on what I have done and achieved it is quite a big deal. I dealt with some pretty major things all by myself and the best thing about it is that I grew from every experience. That’s what I love about travelling alone, is you grow, you learn so much about yourself, about human beings and the good and bad side to each. For those of us that have the confidence to travel alone we are allowing ourselves to find out about our true selves, we are allowing ourselves to be stripped down to the core and potentially face many obstacles and the only person we have to turn to is ourselves.  Travelling alone makes you quite vulnerable but for those of us that have done it we kind of do it for this reason. We want to be vulnerable and we want a challenge we don’t want each day to be the same and we do not want to be covered in cotton wool like we potentially are in our home towns.

The ones that do travel alone normally want to look within, look inside at what’s going on and enjoy the pure bliss of the travels and shake off the life they have been leading.

When you travel alone, you don’t necessarily need to be alone. I find that when I travel alone I open myself to meeting the most incredible friends who end up becoming your family. Although I set off to Bali alone and didn’t have my friends and family by my side through some really hard times I always had my new friends. My new friends I know will be friends for life, they have become my family in Bali and support me through everything I don’t know what I would have done with out them over the last 6 months. In saying I have had them, at the end of the day I still had to rely on myself and trust my intuition. That is another exciting thing that has evolved over my travels, is my intuition, it has never been so clear before and I have never wanted to listen to it so much before. If it says don’t take that road or don’t go to that bar or don’t go for that job. I don’t and it all works out for the best. For the first time in a long time I truly am living in the moment. When you live in the present the most hurtful things do not bring you down. Once you get caught up in the past and future this brings you down.  I know this is true because as soon as I stopped living in the moment on my last day in Bali, Bali spat me out it presented me with trouble after trouble, Bali was like “ Right if you not going to accept how things are and live in the moment then maybe you should question whether you meant to be here”.  On my last day in Bali I had put my Sydney head on, worrying about the future, money, men, and everyone else. Not once did I look at myself, care for myself, or live in the moment.  So another lesson learnt from Bali. Bali has taught me so much, its taught me patience, love, healing, relaxation, work life balance, beauty, acceptance, forgiveness and the list could go on forever. A good friend of mine said to me before I went to Bali. “ Anna, the penny will drop when you go to Bali, everything will make sense and everything in your life will fall into place, you will no longer search”. And of course my beautiful friend was correct. I’m glad I set myself another challenge and got out of comfort zone otherwise I would have never learnt what I know today. I would have continued on the track of self-destruction. I’m so glad I walked the road less travelled, took the jump and got completely amongst it. The last 6 months has been an amazing journey for my mind body and spirit and I feel I have grown so much, but I still feel there is more to learn, I believe we continue to learn each day until we die, but I feel I have more to learn from Bali. So I will continue my journey there again in 2013. Lesson from all of this is that if your lost, or feel like you just doing the same old every day, feel like you have this energy and passion for something else, then ake yourself off to a country where your heart is and travel alone. I promise you, you’ll never regret it.

One Response to “Travelling Alone”
  1. Rachael Campbell says:

    great post and all so very true, you have expressed yourself and also the highs you get from travelling alone and how you can learn and gain from recognizing self worth.xx.

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