Comfortably Numb

comfortably numb

One touch to one tear

Opened up to see things clear

How did this go on

Go on for so long

Numb to all

Too confused to even fall

Driven by lust to protect

Just then all you get is reject

Who decided I was to wake

Who decided it was time to break

Break a cycle so many have ridden

My pain was hidden

Hidden by an open mind

But an open heart you would not find

Comfortably numb for years

Holding back the tears

Awakened and nothing to deny

Because for love is all you’ll try

Now there’s not turning back

Because now your alive again and on track

Surprised by the reality check

But it was well worth the trek

Step by step it begins to stand by you

Allowing you to make the break through

Your no longer walking down lonely streets

Where sadness greets

Your walking along, very close to having it all

And willing to free fall

Maybe its time to give in

Enough time spent looking within

Its time to share

And let go and don’t care

I feel alive and free

But I will not beg and plee

For this to stay

I must just believe and pray

That this is what I now want in life

And get rid of the strife

Some say its rare

And I believe this is fair

But also don’t deny

What may be, can also be a lie

So when you really feel

Make sure its something real

Beware it can be taken

And once again you will be shaken

But we live once so don’t live dead

Live alive and believe what you once said

That all we need in life is love

Believe it like a white dove

Who flew threw your window today

It’s something that can stay

If you don’t hold back and don’t delay

What you feel deep within

This ain’t no sin

This is what we live for

Love, it’s all I want, nothing more

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