Dreaming Gypsy Girl

I grew up travelling the seas

Playing in far away trees

I saw more than most at my age

But I was free not still in a cage

Freedom is all I know

My dreams would expand and grow

I take fear by the reins

Riding sky high drifting into the distant plains

I don’t want to go alone

But independence is what I’m shown

Are we solo in search of a dream

Running or escaping it may seem

Skipping what seems right

Just so we don’t face the mundane fight

I twirl and spin

Hoping that one or two life games I may win

I have wings on back

Although contentment is still what I lack

Always searching for more

Loving not knowing what’s in store

Confusion is spinning around my head

To return to reality is what I dread

But I want the comforts of a familiar soul

Because this loneliness will take its toll

Do you continue to do it all for one

Or throw the towel in and be done

And go running back to a different trail

Always feeling like your catching someone else’s tail

This is the story of a dreaming gypsy girl

Running around in a spin and a twirl

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