Even a dreaming gypsy girl misses her family

A lesson I have learned over the past few months is being born a dreamer and gypsy girl can have its positives and it can also have its negatives. I am ambitious and constantly striving for my dreams, most of the time achieving them, but when does it stop? When can you stop ticking dreams off your list, when can you be content with what is right in front of you and not strive for more? I am so lucky that I can dream up something and then I figure out how to get it and work my butt off to get there. For the first time I created a really big dream and that was to create a life in Bali. I did it and now I want more. I feel guilty because I want more. We are blessed to have so many options and to do as we please. There are so many people out there that are restricted by their culture, religion, beliefs, family and jobs. They cannot do what us dreamer gypsy girls can do. It’s ridiculous that I can not be content with the fact that I am living my dream, but then a good friend of mine made a very valid point. I have everything I dreamed of or maybe its just what I thought I wanted. I believe my family needs to be part of my dreams right now and they are not really in it. It is so amazing to live your dream but when your family is not there to share it with you, you kind of just feel incomplete. I admire all those backpackers that married a job or person in another country and can visit their family once in a while. I wish I could. I thought I could  because we travelled the world when I was young, some times away from each other for long periods of time but now I’m older and my parents as well, I feel I need to spend every minute with them. Friends become your family when you travel which I have said previously but unfortunately and maybe fortunately I came to the realisation that I need my family as well as my friends. Although I have made the most incredible friends whilst travelling there is something special about family. They know you so well, they don’t judge, they get who you are and they pull you up when you step out of line. You cant choose your family, but I also realised you cant be away from them. My family gave me a lot growing up and they definitely created a dreaming gypsy girl, but I just wish they could travel the world with me. The perfect combination now is have quality time at home and quality time alone but don’t make the distance too far and don’t make the time away too long, we must be together while we can. I know that I have another dream ahead one will be with the family and one will be apart, but I will continue to be a dreamer and continue to tick them off my list but I want my family to be part of that as much as possible. I am lucky to have such amazing family and lucky I want to spend quality time with them, not everyone has this so I am very grateful. If you are away from your family right now, tell them you care, tell them you miss them and love them, because they may not always be there and we have only got one family. Call your Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister now and just tell them how you feel, it is a rare and beautiful thing.


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