Friends you meet on your travels

Last week I was feeling the love for family, today it is for friends. Both very important in your life, you need a bit of both. In this exotic paradise you need good friends because every single day you will face some sort of challenge. The true friends that I have met here are the reason I am still here. If I didn’t have the amazing friends I have now I would have left months ago. Friends need to have each other’s back here because you don’t have your family to call upon. Whether it be to tip chinese medicine into your road rash after a motorbike accident, be there for you when in tears after a guy has pushed you to the ground at a party or whether it’s to watch a beautiful sunset and get your first barrel, you need friends by your side to share this with. I have met the most diverse friends here from all walks of life but we all have a common connection, we call it the good vibe tribe, yep it is out no more secret society guys. We are here to make the most of life, always stay positive, support each other with our dreams and always look out for one another through good and bad.We are so lucky that we have skype these days so we can call upon on friends and family at home, which has been a blessing in many instances but when it came to the crunch it has been nice to have someone in the flesh to enjoy the glory and pain with. Friends that you meet travelling are like family but not blood, you just know with some people that you will know each other forever, they will be there rocking it with you on your wedding day and every other up and down you may take on. A little while back my mum said to me you know Anna I can count my good friends on one hand, and that’s what it’s like here, I don’t have a million and one friends that I know will have my back but the ones that do could take on a 100 man army if things went down. I cherish the friends I have made here in Bali and yes there are only a few special ones but I will take them for life. I believe we have learnt so much from one another and we accept each other’s yin and yang. I stood there last week saying family is what I needed but I now when I farewell the friends I have met here it will break my heart and I will feel lost with out them when I head off for my morning or sunset surf, or when I’m negotiating a new quote, or when I just want to send them an awesome picture of a perfect sunset, but I know its not the end of our story. I know the universe has connected us for reasons I don’t even know right now. Friends like this from previous travels have become my closest friends. You know someone is a true friend when even on your darkest days they are there walking right beside you holding your hand and telling you everything is going to be ok.  So we all are not perfect and when we accept this we can accept many people. I used to be the type of person that if I met someone that wasn’t perfect or made a mistake,  I would delete them from my friends list, but once I realised that I wasn’t perfect and no one else was I really let go. We all make mistakes, we all have our little demons but we are just here to find people that have demons that can play well with ours ha. We all have a skeleton in the closest, we all have some demons but when you realise this you understand why people behave the way you do and you learn to accept.  Although we can accept people’s demons they must get along with us and we still must realise who is the is part of the good vibe tribe.You know I used to see men and women with arrogance and go wow they are so lucky they can love themselves that much, but actually if its arrogance and not just confidence than theses people are actually very unhappy and insecure and when you realise this you know longer want to be friends with that crowd. We all know the crowd I’m talking about, there is one in every town or place, and there is definitely “that crowd” in Seminyak, Bali. You now avoid that crowd and just seek out the good vibe tribe because the good vibe tribe gets you and you get them. Search for your own good vibe tribe, cause I got mine and I know I will have many more adventures with them for the rest of my life.  Love you good vibe tribe. In my heart and on my mind forever.

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