On to the next journey

So the countdown for heading home begins. At first I didn’t really know why I must go back to Australia but this strong feeling inside has told me to go. I know it must be a good idea, because as I sit on the boat back from Lembongan I smile to myself at the thought … Continue reading

Paradise’s ecstasy

This ecstasy has to come to an end And positive energy is all I can send What an amazing journey never to forget Not one moment did I regret I feel grounded and strong To take on another journey where I belong People I have met with not be lost now Friends for life I … Continue reading

The truth

You can have something that you try to forget But if you turn away you will regret You can only run for so long Now its time to face and be strong Although it hurts and hearts are lost It’s a small cost For the short term It’s hard to feel so firm But it’s … Continue reading