The truth

You can have something that you try to forget

But if you turn away you will regret

You can only run for so long

Now its time to face and be strong

Although it hurts and hearts are lost

It’s a small cost

For the short term

It’s hard to feel so firm

But it’s the only way now

To put up with for so long I don’t know how

I see the light in the distance beginning to glow

But patience and support it what I must show

We must believe that all will be ok in the end

And if needs be call upon a friend

Cause these times wont by easy and clear

But don’t approach it all with fear

Sometimes the unknown will scare

But know all will work out and be fair

As long as you stay true to yourself along the way

You will have a nice place to stay

Keep peace within

And know that the calm will begin

Just give it time and don’t rush

the heart is something that we don’t want to crush

step by step we will go forward with light

and know that its all worth the fight

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