Paradise’s ecstasy

This ecstasy has to come to an end

And positive energy is all I can send

What an amazing journey never to forget

Not one moment did I regret

I feel grounded and strong

To take on another journey where I belong

People I have met with not be lost now

Friends for life I know some how

The back and forth of love and hate

Now its time to rely a little on fate

Take one step left two right

Just don’t go without a fight

Let me sit aside

Cause I tried

To be at one and listen to within

So I go forward with a grin

I can feel this deep

And the highs and lows are steep

You want a little, give me more

And then you are scared for what’s in store

Questions and no answers come clear

Driven by fear

To only inspire

And ignite the burning desire

To be content

Beyond what this ecstasy has sent

Freedom comes with little values amongst all

You begin to fall

Pick yourself up take a breath deep and low

Cause you need to be ready for the next blow

It comes up and its come down

With a smile and then a frown

Its ok cause you kinda knew

And beyond words you grew

Let go and say thank you

Because now your soul is completely pure and true


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