On the road

One bag, my surfboard, tunes, my Mum and off we go. I’m blessed that I come back to reality after being away for a year and pretty much instantly I’m on the road from Sydney up the east coast of Australia, stopping off home in Port Mac for a night, before cruising the coastline in search of some place I can call home. We hit the road just Mum and I, Thelma and Louise style’s I guess. I really enjoyed cruising the road with Mum this time because now I’m so chilled, not too much talking was had, I snoozed here and there and I just took in the pure beauty, oh my we have an impressive countryside and coastline, yes I have always known this but since being away a deeper appreciation has evolved.  I loved all the greens, the hills, the mountains in the distance, the yellows and of course the occasional left over incredible deeps reds on the autumn trees. It’s kind of nice to see the entire local flora, no complaining but it’s a nice contrast to tropical rainforest, rice paddies and black sand beaches. Also incredible I must say. When I did speak up, I was like a little school kid asking Mum, “What do you think this town was built for, do you to think anyone still lives here, looks like the 80’s and look at that machinery do they still use that?” I was like a school kid at a fair or on holidays in a country I had never been to before, only I was asking questions about my home. Of course Mum had some pretty knowledgeable answers. Some towns looked abandoned, some had a shop or two just running on the passer byers cruising north or south on their road trips, just like us. I think some of these towns would have thrived years back due to what they were producing. As we all know the production and manufacturing industry has changed now, and probably a lot of people would have had to relocate or they stood there ground and tried to find whatever work they could to hold onto to their family land. I was quite impressed with how easy the drive was, many new roads and not too much traffic, although I was not driving nor was it school holidays and we mostly had sunny days to drive on but over all a beautiful drive.  Key destinations for me are places that have always captured my heart on the East coast, the Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay. Therefore I had to check these out these spots and also I wanted to stop off at a few other places just to suss it out and get a feeling for them, just incase the dream job popped up. These places can remain unnamed but just quietly not my cup of tea but they were beautiful little communities and stunning surroundings. It is interesting going from Bali to Sydney, Port Mac, Byron, Sunny coast, Brisbane, Byron and back to Port Mac. All quite different and all have their yin and yang. It makes it pretty hard when your trying to figure out where to live, but you know me I felt a beautiful energy in certain places and I just can’t let that go. Cities are great they have amazing job opportunities, a lot going on, music gigs, thriving bars, beautiful shops and restaurants, lots of suits ha, but what do I really want out of a home town now?! Towns have all of the above on a small scale minus the suits, and amazing job opportunities, well there might be a couple but rare finds, I mean the suits and jobs ha! I guess we all have this dilemma us small town lovers, past city goers. We want the life by the beach in a small town, but how do we survive? Well there are a hell of a lot of my mates doing it all the way up and down the coast, they are very inspiring and I admire that they never gave up and worked hard to keep their lifestyle. I think I need to get back in that mindset, it’s how I thought it Bali, I just kept giving everything a go never gave up on my dream until I’d done every last little bit to stick at the dream, oh yeh and until, the fact that I missed family and friends and no longer felt safe took over. The beautiful thing is, I feel safe again, love it. Ok yes I will not let my guard down completely but it’s nice to be home safe. I guess the last point I discussed is something that I really didn’t want to happen upon returning and many of us don’t want it to happen when we travel, we don’t want that carefree, laid –back, dreaming gypsy girl mind to go. I really don’t want mine to go. That’s why I stay conscious of it at all times ensuring the western mind does not take over my slight eastern mind too much. I’ll try to keep the balance of both and I will try to get my dream in Australia. Quote I found today. “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” Enjoy our beautiful country everyone wherever you are there is something incredible to capture. It’s good to be home.

trees glorious trees lost crusing mountain high home?! contrast cute lil home 6 or 13? hmm which home motel not home

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