How do you understand something you’ve never faced?

Like their soul has been replaced

They are not the one you used to know

You just wish the truth would show

But you learn to walk away

Because it’s not safe to stay

You realize its better walking

Rather than talking

It’s gone beyond what’s fair

And about your sanity is all you care

They are a prisoner in their own mind

It’s like they are a different kind

You want to help but find it hard

Its likes they have dealt the joker card

We all have a choice

Some choose to rejoice

Some choose to walk the other way

And in the sadness they stay

But where does  it begin

From one simple sin

Or a life gone a stray

For their happiness I pray

It’s not something you must carry

Nor marry

It’s something you must look from a far

And count your blessing upon a shining star

This life is part of a bigger plan

Whether you’re a women or man

We just need to look for a sign

And I have looked for mine

I’m taking the steps towards my dream

And letting the good vibes flow like stream

I want this for all

But it’s hard some just fall

And just cant pick themselves up

It’s always a half empty cup

Happiness is sacred hold on tight

Cause others seem to struggle and fight

Not me I love this life

And I continue to walk away from strife

Love and light to those that feel pain

But I want to stay sane

So here I am doing my thing

Flying with joy and love in each wing

my place of peace

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