Dream Job

Since returning to Australia, I have had to attend some ‘serious’ job interviews. Not like the laid back interviews I have been used to in Bali and Coastal towns of Australia. These were serious, they asked questions like “what’s your five year plan?Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Sometimes these questions can be overwhelming but sometimes they really make you think. One job application asked me what is your dream job?  I have also been asked this in interviews as well. Do you respond “oh working in your office is my dream job” I choose not to. I choose to be honest and tell them what my real dream job is. I can’t share it with all of you as you may want that same dream job and there goes my great business idea. Over the last 10 years my dream jobs has evolved and changed several times. Do we always have a dream job? Are we born knowing what we want to do? When we are 5 years old and say “ When I grow up I want to be a fireman” Do we actually become one? I think there are people out there that do become what they say that want to be at 5 years old. Others don’t figure it out til they are 40 or 50. A few people have commented lately, “Wow your have done a lot for 28 and you have it figured out,” but to be completely honest with you I don’t know if I do have it all figured out. Would you rather be someone that knew what they wanted when they were 5 and stuck at it til they were 60 like being a doctor or a actor or whatever it may be or would you prefer to not quite know what you want to do and do all sorts of things and have this amazing CV and story. I’m a bit half, half. At 12 years old I had to design and make a model of a house, I did this pretty impressive design for a 12 year old got a ‘A’ and asked Dad ‘ If I was to make model houses all day and design houses what would I be?” Dad said, “ You’d be an Architect”. All through school I strived for this, sometimes-straying thinking I’d be a photographer or physical education teacher. Only because some nasty teachers said I would never get the marks to be an Architect. They were not far off, unfortunately I freaked out so much in finally exams I didn’t get 99 out of 100, which you needed for architecture, but if there is a will there is a way. I travelled for a year or so through Europe and the desire to be an architect never stopped so I did it a different way and did drafting first. Long story short is I went back and forth between Architecture and Interior Design subjects and ended up graduating as an Interior Designer with a sub major in Architecture.

I stand here today contemplating my career again. I spent some time in Indonesia designing, loved it and thought this is what I’m meant to do but I also started doing advertising sales and writing for a magazine, something I never dreamed of doing and I absolutely loved it and now I have this strong urge to really explore the world of magazines or a different avenue of design back in Australia, whether is be account management, sales, writing or graphics. I’ll always be an Interior designer at heart and probably start a business on the side in it, but it doesn’t me I can’t give something else a go for a little while. I don’t believe that you have to have one dream job and I believe you don’t have to do the same job for years. All I know is you have to love what you do. We spend half out lives in our jobs so why not love what we do. We are lucky that all of us love different things and therefore can all go for different jobs but then again there are lots of us that love the same thing making it very competitive and sometimes a real shit fight, but if you are going to shine and you have passion in something people will see this and this is what you must do. Believe in yourself and let your true colours shine even if its in a career that is completely different to what your careers counselor told you or what you told you mother when you were 5 years old. Give it a shot and don’t look back. We live once.  Some of us are really blessed that we can make the career choices whenever we want. Some can’t and some are tied down but really we can all make a conscious effort to make a change.  I’m excited for what the future holds, who knows what else is going to be added to my CV this year.  Stay tuned to hear where I head.




2 Responses to “Dream Job”
  1. Rachael Campbell says:

    Very well said lovely.. Xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Eclectic Medicine Design House says:

    Love what you do! I am on the same path as you 🙂

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