I’m coming home it rang in my ears

Let go of the fears

And went with what my heart did beat

Say goodbye to that exotic heat

Trust that deep feeling in my tummy

Play the fool like a dummy

Trick myself I don’t know why I got to go

But deep down I know

Then you go and it makes no sense

Have you just built up another defense?

Take you away from your true dream

It’s lost it may seem

But really the universe knows more

They have a plan and know what’s in store

It will all fall into place

Just try not to continue to replace

Because doesn’t it feel good right now

Beyond what you believed some how

So now it feels right

So don’t push it and fight

Fight for something that is part of the plan

It even might include a man

Or maybe just a place of peace and retreat

Who knows who you may meet

Continue to listen to those feelings inside

They don’t mess up or hide

They give you the guidance you need

Who knows where this may lead

Who thought this time would be so sweet

Wish you could play this moment on repeat

No I would get bored you know me

I want more than I see

I want more than the world can give

Sometimes it’s everyone’s world I want to live

What’s next who knows and who would care

I live this life and that’s fair

But tomorrow is a new day

And watch this space don’t listen to what I say

Today I think one thing tomorrow another

But I’m not running and hiding under cover

Take it as comes and take my own lead

And off happiness I will feed




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