I’ve had a bit of a hard time with writing lately. Every time I thought about a topic, I got quite concerned that it was self-absorbed and there were bigger problems or other topics to talk about in the world. I think this all started when I started to hear more and more about Syria, Egypt and politics. I thought why should I have the right to have a voice about something completely random when there are people really struggling out there. Then I decided to pick up a few favorite magazines and have a read. There was a really good mix of stories, stories of amazing things people were doing, perfect waves people were riding, people giving back to the community and some really random rants about nothing. This made me feel not so bad. If I was writing for a newspaper or was a journalist then it would be important for me to write about what’s going on the in the world and maybe as time goes on I will get better at this, do some research and right very diplomatic pieces, but for now I find it hard to write about such hard topics. It’s good to be conscious of what’s going on in the world, the hardship people are going through, always be so grateful for what we have and hope that things improve in these countries around the world. For now I’m writing my blog and my blog is to tell my story ( as self centered as it is), make people smile and  wanderlust. I enjoy writing about simple pleasures, lessons learnt, to make people smile and to share some beauty this world has to offer with others. I may be a selfish writer and be in my own little world, but so are a lot of the writers in all your fav magazines and also I just hope this makes you smile.

So today I decided not to be too philosophical or talk about a life lesson I learnt, I thought I would just write about something that is truly special to me and something that I love. Whales. Most people has a favorite animal or creature that they adore.   I have a couple but most of them live in the ocean. In recent years my love and understanding for ocean creatures has evolved. I remember when I was living in Singapore Mum and Dad bought me a blow up killer whale. I realize now as I write this that the love for whales began way back then. I was obsessed with Free Willy movies and we even saw a killer whale whilst on a boat in Singapore, I think this is where the bond grew. I use to swim around with this whale talking to it and pretending it was my pet. I used to tell it all my secrets and it used to just nod its head a smile I guess I loved it because it didn’t talk back. I think I lost touch with whales for a while until I moved to Sydney. I went through a bit of a roller coaster ride in Sydney and had a lot to deal with and I remember that whales became my saving grace. I used to go for long walks up to the top of Shelly Beach in Manly and look out to vast ocean and contemplate life, get over hurt and just let go of whatever had happened in my mind that day. One day I decided to go up there and sit for quite some time. The topic on my mind was about a friend of mine I met travelling, I had been carrying something between us for quite some time and had been carrying the guilt ( well I was guilty most would say just forget about it, but most who know me know I’m very concisions of peoples feelings) I sat there and asked for forgiveness I asked my friend to forgive me for what I had done. It had been several years but unfortunately he had passed away so I never got to say sorry or ask for forgiveness. As I sat there focusing on these thoughts a huge whale breached right in front of me, jumping up and playing. I looked around to share my excitement with someone but no one was there it was just beautiful, I had connected with my companions again and I had got forgiveness. Till this day I feel that my friend forgave me and also every time I see whales now I believe it is my friend just saying hello and letting me know he is there.  Friends and I have a great passion for whales and we even did a ‘Save the whales’ event a little while back which was a great night and great cause. They are definitely worth fighting for, they are the most beautiful extraordinary creatures. They are so big,so playful for their size and they seem to not care what anyone else thinks. They are also very loving and protective. I still have a childhood dream of swimming around on a whale exploring different islands, surfing, chilling and pretty much being a mermaid. Maybe one day.

Now almost 6 years on I sit on the mid north coast of NSW and see whales almost every day as they migrate North and South. I have got into a bit of a routine with them this last week. I’ll go down for my evening beach walk or run around 4 or 5 and there they are breaching over and over again just having a ball, not a care in the world and I just feel so much joy when I see them. I feel any worry and negative thought is lost. I  smile from ear to ear and feel so much peace and happiness within. So whether its my friend the whale or my friend I lost saying hello I know it’s a friend saying hello and letting me know I’m not alone and saying hey we haven’t forgotten that connection we made when you were young. I don’t know if anyone else has a connection with an animal like this. Some may have it with their dog or horse or even pet bird. There is something beautiful about animals and sea creatures, they live in a completely different world to us and I also wonder what goes on in their mind, do you think they have to face wars, politics and whatever it maybe or are we the war to them always invading their world. Who knows but it’s always been something that I ponder in my curious mind. What do they think what goes on for them. This can make you feel really small or really big in the world. Either way it grounds you and makes you not feel alone. We are all connected. So I hope that where ever there is hardship right now. Someone can turn to a cat, dog or tiger and just know their not alone even if the humans around them seem hurt, angry or sad. An animal or seas creature can always lift you. Whales will always be special to me and I’m so glad to connect with them 20 years down the track and truly know they will always be there.

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