I’m not lost

I’m not lost at all

I just learnt how to fall

And pick myself up and adapt to now

I question, “what are they thinking” to a cow

I question all that surrounds me

I’m constantly exploring what we truly see

I arrived here a different way to most

But I still spread more butter than vegemite on my toast

I’m just like you but a little more square

Or maybe that ain’t fair

Maybe I’m a little more round

Or am I want you found

Next to the one that dreams where she can

And never really thinks about a man

Only when society puts pressure that she must

and within herself she looses trust

I love waking and sleeping

Because neither I begin weeping

I dream when I’m asleep and awake

I take all I can take

But maybe I give a little too much or a little too late

And sometimes I leave too much to fate

But I’m me and like no other

I came from my mother

Mother earth a true place in my heart

I saw things upside down from the start

I’ll walk out of here a backwards sway

But I wouldn’t meet it any other way

I jump, skip and fly

And get on my own high

Some may stare but really they just want the same

But can they keep this wild tame

I’ve learnt from years of a crazy fairy tale

Now maybe I live a reality check but I did not fail

Now I wish a prince will take me away into the dim light

It doesn’t mean I’m giving up the fight

Just ticking something else off the bucket list

I see him standing there in the grey mist

Looking into my eyes with a deep smile

Telling me he’ll walk a mile

We will swim through the deep seas

And sway from distance trees

Explore the world of love and retreat

But is this what I want to meet

Or do I enjoy the glorious twirl and spin

That I walk each day and knowing at the end I win

Not relying on anyone for my happy inside

Cause it’s something I already fought hard to find

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