The penny dropped

You walked by slowly in a dreamy state

Wondering whether you were too late

You’ve left your mark

And it’s an undeniable spark

But have I already walked too far

To follow my shining star

Yet another dream

History repeats it may seem

Maybe I should change my way

And maybe this time stay

Who knows unless you try

In a deep sea I may once again lie

Lost and alone

When you will not pick up your phone

Are you the same as the past

Or can I pull at that line you cast

Underneath I know who you are

Just show me all beneath that scar

I hurt too and it’s time to heal

Because I think my heart you did steal

On that summer night

I was drawn to your light

Maybe not for love but a lesson or two

I don’t know, give me a clue

And I might figure if this is true

What I feel

Lets make a deal

To no longer turn back

Because I see smooth sailing on this track

I creep and tippy toe

For you to show

Show me the way to truth and joy

That is if your are a man and no longer a boy

Image via Michael Longmire

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