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I have contemplated this post for quite some time and even began it at the beginning of the year. It is interesting to read back on it and see where my mind is now. Normally as one-year ends and another begins, I reflect on my achievements and set myself new goals and challenges. Last year, the beginning of 2013 began with me flying straight into Bali to celebrate with a good friend on New Years Eve; it was the beginning of another 6 months in Bali. I went back with a lot of question marks in my mind. I didn’t really know what I was going to do for work and how long I would last in Bali. This 6 months in Bali sent me on a huge healing journey, I faced a huge demon of mine and found time away from the family was just too hard at this point in time, but prior to leaving Bali I did some amazing work, met some incredible people, had some beautiful times, but I knew my heart I was done in Bali and needed to come home. It was a bitter sweet feeling, but now 6 months on I’m home and I totally get why I had to come home, one for family and two for my true destiny to begin to unravel.

The beginning of 2014 began very differently to 2013; I was in regional Australia with the family and close friends, quiet and nice. I had a big goal ahead for 2014 and I knew exactly what I needed to strive for, there were less unknowns than 2013. One of my last posts was all about doing what you love and finding your dream job. I seemed a little lost with where my career where it would take me last time. I was finding it really hard to crack into any industry I was interested in. I was confused because the type of jobs that were being presented to me were not really what I was truly destined to do, but they were jobs and the job hunt had become so tiresome. I fought so hard for this one particular job, when I didn’t get it I went into melt down mode. I no longer wanted to fight for jobs I didn’t even want. I just let go and decided to let things be, I had a casual job to pay the bills so I was not complaining, considering I was living in a town with the 3rd highest unemployment rate in Australia and there are many people in Australia who are unemployed for a lot longer than me and can not get any sort of job in or are out of their desired industry. It was funny, as soon as I let go of the expectations and planning, all just fell into place. I was accepted into a government program to start my own business. I literally got a call the day after I let go of the all expectations. My true destiny had finally been revealed. The end of 2013 was all about studying small business management and preparing to embark on 2014 as a small business owner and really give another one of my dreams a shot. I could have continued to work for someone else’s dream or take what the universe had presented me with and really give it a go. I had moments of doubt, excitement, fear, passion, and determination. Mixed feelings all the time, but I knew I had to give it a go. So now, it is April 1st and I have been in operation for a few months and have a few projects going on in my business. My business is Little Warrior. Little Warrior provides building and interior design for residential or commerical projects and branding, communications, sustainable business/operations advice for businesses. We focus on cost effective, community-focused projects that have little impact on the environment. We help businesses make a different with their business planning and operations and make sure there is consistency through the space they design and even ensure their marketing and communications all ties in with their concept as well. The desire to create a business like this, came from my true passion for sustainability and feeling very strongly about the fact that you need to consider the triple bottom line, social, economic and environmental sustainability. So many businesses and people just focus on one or the other. I also believe as designers we have the power to make a difference. We create so much, why not create it making a difference to the community and environment? It can be hard to get a lot of the great ideas out there off the ground, especially when it comes to social sustainability, but with my drive and project management background I believe anything is possible. I believe we can solve a lot of social, economic, and environmental issues through creativity. We just need to think outside of the square, collaborate, and explore. Having my own business and not living through someone else’s dream is something that I have talked about for quite some time; I’ve had many ideas for many years now, some taken by fellow entrepreneur’s or friends, some still safe in my little hot hands. (Big lesson I learnt this year, don’t tell everyone your exciting ideas, they sub consciously or consciously will run away with them and call them their own). It’s ok though because my little angels kept the extra special ideas close to my heart. So for all my beautiful followers, it is finally out there now. I trusted the process and this is what I have been presented with. I asked the universe this request quite some time ago and now I have been given what I asked for. Although at times through out the year I got frustrated and wasn’t quite sure why it wasn’t going my way for example when returning from Bali, no calls back from jobs, no real jobs out there, I trusted it and knew deep down inside it would work out and I truly think it has. I am living my destiny. Although there will be challenges and my business might go in a million different directions, I know I have to give it a shot. I feel grateful for this opportunity, all the amazing support I have been given and I’m just so excited to embark on an amazing journey, where I don’t answer to anyone else, but myself, the success of my business comes down solely to me and I just can’t wait to see where it takes me. So happy to now combine all my skills into one business, rather than trying to find the right job where I can do everything (it doesn’t exist ha) It should be fun and challenging just my perfect potion for success. I would like to say thank you to all my beautiful family and friends for their amazing support since returning back to Australia, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster trying to settle down and find my own destiny, but I’ve loved the journey and so glad to have found my way. Would also like to give a big shout out to my amazing girls, you’ll know who you are, you have heard me talk about everything from fear, hate, love, escapism, doubt, joy, excitement the whole lot and not once did you turn your back, I’m blessed to have you girls in my life, I don’t know what I would do with out you, soul sisters for sure. Excited for this Little Warrior’s journey and I hope you continue to follow me. Please follow us on all our social media sites and our website should be up and running soon. Look forward to telling you about our projects Yew. Keep kicking goals my followers. Life is amazing and you make it what you want.


Little Warrior
Instagram: littlewarriorcreative

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