Monday’s confusion

Stop the questions in your mind

Cause the answers are not easy to find

We can wonder

And ponder

Day in and day out

And sit here constantly feeling doubt

Let go and embrace feeling free

Then your true destiny is what you will see

Be with friends, laugh and smile each day

Cause this moment is not here to stay

This moment is just here for a little while

Find your style

Find your place

Rock your world and leave no trace

This is a dream

And sometimes I just want to scream

Is this real?

I just always want feel the way I feel

Right now this bliss

It is like that feeling in your tummy on your first kiss

Oh that would be nice

But can I have a piece of cake just one slice

Not have my whole cake and eat it too

Can it be true

Gratefulness equals happiness within?

Does that mean you can’t loose only win?

See too many questions wanting to know yes or no

Why don’t we just let it go and let it flow

Cause that would be the easy way out I assume

On this mysterious journey I will resume

Up and down

With a smile and a frown

Blue skies green trees

Love and happiness is all I ask for please

Are you confused yet

Or have you begun to forget

Where I started with all this

Was I thinking about a first kiss

Or wishing for the answer to the entire unknown

But hey lets stop to winge and moan

It’s the weekend, time to think less

time to impress

and just have some fun

under the sun.


One Response to “Monday’s confusion”
  1. 2nd cuz Jan says:

    Praise and blame,
    gain and loss,
    pleasure and sorrow
    come and go like the wind.
    To be happy,
    rest like a giant tree,
    in the midst of them all.
    ps : Have a squiz at Kate Knapp’s work….you will like it !

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