A wake up call

When I stand here in this crazy world and look out

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by doubt

Fear steps in and I just wonder

And I begin to ponder

All the scary things that happen out there every day

But all I do is pray

Pray for those, that are now scarred

And have to deal with days like today, that are way too hard

How do you begin to comprehend

All I do is send

Love and light

To those who have lost sight

Sight of reality and the simple pleasures

We have lost life’s beautiful treasures

For those of us in first world we have it too sweet to even describe

But all of a sudden we all have a pill to prescribe

To hide our imperfections or dark side

I believe those fairtales lied

But it doesn’t mean we give up on it all

We have got to fall

To get back up and see the rainbows

Cause when they shine, true happiness flows

Let us send love and no more rage

We all live within our own cage

And if things don’t seem right

Don’t give up this fight

We are blessed to breath and live

And with this life we must give

As well as take

For Christ sake

We need to wake up

And have a half full cup

Count our blessings now and forever today

And say hey I’m ok

I’m lucky to be standing here

And please if you want to, shed a tear

But we can’t let these master minds

Take all our meaningful finds

And it’s all going to be alright

For now anyway, and days will be bright

But it is how we react to it all

It is your call

Live this life in bliss

Enjoy your first kiss

A sunset and a friendly wave in the street

A random meet,

A moment of delight,

Flying your first kite

Keep it simple and real

And don’t become numb, always feel

Stand by that soul

Within you, it will keep you whole.

Love and blessings on this sad day

And I hope for those families that have lost it’s going to be okay.

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