Two lives collided

We met by chance

And both took a second glance

Intrigued by one another’s story

With and without all its glory

There was something more than this chance meet

And potentially hearts did skip a beat

amazing chats for hours

a connection totally out of our powers

stories of our dreams

common visions it seems

sadness was around us

but we focused on the good and didn’t make a fuss

we stayed strong by standing side by side

to stay positive is all we tried

very open right from the start

but unfortunately soon we would be apart

although hours between us now

we make catch ups work some how

excited by how our lives did collide

and realizing both are gypsy’s deep inside

makes nothing far from real

honesty and integrity is all we feel

this is rare

and sometimes not fair

but once it steps into your days

it’s something that you hope stays

our paths will cross one day soon

maybe on the next full moon

but until then your always on my mind

because you are a rare find

your adventures blow me away

Hearing from you always brightens my day

You’ve done so much and I’ve fallen for your mind

And a heart that is so kind

Through writing is how we express

And between us we expect nothing less

Who knows where this story will go

But at the moment it feels right to go with the flow

You live once and happiness you can’t deny

And we all know its not something you can buy

You have many amazing qualities that’s for sure

I couldn’t ask for any more

Your strength and courage is something to admire

And determination within you burns like fire

Never loose sight of who you are

Because in my eyes you’re a shining star

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