Confused dream

You fight so hard for your dream

And then to not live is what happens it may seem

You must keep the balance many say

But all I do is sit here and pray

That this isn’t taken away

Not tomorrow not today

Everything is happening so fast

And I duno if it’s going to last

Holding too tight

With the fear of loosing sight

Too busy to feel

Feel something real

Just keeping your head above water

Mother earths daughter

The place that you can keep sane

Holding onto deep pain

Were days meant to be like this?

I thought there would be more bliss

The busy times close your heart

And you feel like your going back to the start

You forget what it feels like

Like the first time you rode a bike

Seems like years ago now

Food on the plate

Never run late

Roof overhead

Is what this fight lead

And so much heart and passion

Not to wear the latest fashion

This is not surface detail

That’s where you will fail

Focus on that feeling that makes your heart skip a beat

And where each day is a true blessing and a treat

Bounce out of bed because you want to

Because we can, this is something many wish to do

Look within, don’t follow the exterior

It’s the façade that’s inferior

It’s the soul

That is a human whole

It tells more that a makeup face

A dress of full lace

Integrity is something I don’t see much of anymore

What is this all for

Who are you trying to please

And then your begging on your knees

For an escape, for an out

And filled with so much self doubt

Be you and be heart

This is where it all will start

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