When you learn to dance in the rain.

When the universe throws you that curve ball

You sit with it and don’t know who to call

It’s been thrown at you before but then you knew

Knew how to cope and what to do

This time you had to stop, retreat

Loose your placement and try and find your feet

You thought you’d feel different but no

This time the energy won’t flow

You are tested deep within once again

but you will not derail the train

You question what it’s all really about

And why everyday you have doubt

Then you get to this place

To a non familiar space

And it feels nice and real

And you remember how to feel

Feel and just be

And see what’s meant to be

To have ambition but not chase

Or turn to pick up that suitcase

No more running or going away

You want this honesty and peace to stay

The penny dropped for the first time in years

And this time it took away all the fears

An abundance of love and care

Is all you feel is fair

And integrity that only belongs to you

And something that is so deeply true

These curve balls may come and go

But next time I think the energy will flow

This is a new journey and there’s no looking back

Some may say I’m back on track

I momentary lost my way

And now it’s time to play

The full role in my life with open doors

with all my beauties and flaws

The perfectionist has learnt to accept the now

and no longer question who what where or how

No longer resent something with so much power

But we must be delicate with it hour by hour

Because the scales can tip

And then we may trip

And fall into a heap

and the learning curve is steep

but this time you will check in

so no more loosing only a big honest win

image via sanjiv nayak

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