New Skin

The signs are there for days

but the awareness strays

therefore when the old skin falls

you are surprised but your heart calls

for more peace within

the new skin meets you with a grin

like an old friend and you feel calm

and now you have the world in your palm

dreams and opportunities bigger than you’ve ever seen

you wonder where your soul as been

when you come back to what is true

your world no longer looks so blue

but you feel like it is a blank canvas all white

with nothing there but it feels so right

You grab the reigns and get ready for the ride

no longer are you caught up in your pride

the truth is too strong

and now you can’t put a foot wrong

words seem to jump out of you

passion, love, integrity, just to name a few

you are navigating through this life with a new skin

and no longer will your head spin

you will stand in your truth and you are back aligned with your core

listening to your heart and you are ready to soar


image via Wolfgang Hasselmann

2 Responses to “New Skin”
  1. Christine Durward says:

    Love it Anna! xx


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