This blog has been set up to share my passion for Sustainability; social, economic and environmental. My travels have inspired me and added depth to my passion for the environment and humanity via the exposure to so many natural wonders, cultures, communities, poverty and corruption. I have travelled the world following my passion and therefore this blog also shares the journey of traveling, working and studying in foreign countries and the joys and complexities that may rise.

May 2018

Currently I sitting in my family home in Port Macquarie on the mid north coast of NSW preparing for my Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability which starts in Sweden in August, after having lived in Byron Bay, NSW Australia for the past 5 years running my own Design Studio and Social Enterprise. I made the decision to move to Sweden about two months ago and it has been the most incredible journey, of joy, beauty, synchronicity and magic.

July 2015

Wow it’s great to sit here three years after the first post below and look at how far I have come. I now live in Byron Bay running my own design studio and social enterprise. What a journey. Check out my business website and blog http://www.littlewarriorcreative.com and stay tuned for my more personal journey on here.

July 2013

I’m sitting here a year later reading the paragraph below and realising I truly achieved what I wanted. I gained more than I ever dreamed of and had the most incredible time. It is now time to head back to Australia to take on another journey. This blog became a forum for me to tell family and friends what I was up to in Bali now it is a forum for me to tell the world what I’m doing and who I am. Watch this space evolve. Once Indonesia dreaming now this is the life of a dreaming gypsy girl, with a huge passion for sustainability.

July 2012

A few months ago I woke up one morning and sat up in my bed and said, “I need to leave Sydney.” The following morning I woke up, sat up in my bed and said, “I have to go to Indonesia.” I pondered this thought for quite some time and started to talk to a few friends about it and the feeling became stronger and stronger. All my friends thought this was the best idea I had come up with in a long time. Those of you who know me well, know I come up with a lot of ideas and dreams and tend to change my mind, but everyone knew this is what I had to do. Telling the family was going to be hard but they supported what I needed to do.  So now here I am several months later and this whole concept of going over to Indonesia has evolved. Initially I wanted to go over to Indonesia to have some time out and step out of my rat race lifestyle to figure out what I want in life and what I really want to do for the next few years, but now its evolved into something so much more amazing. Now I want to go over there and work in all sorts of areas and use my skills where they will be greatly appreciated and gain some international experience. I want to help people, design, teach, learn, explore, photograph, write and truly make my dreams come true. What’s the point of having an amazing dream book filled with ideas but not actually do any of them. So this trip is all about ticking some of those dreams off the list. I may be there four months, I may be there for four years but I miss Asia, I miss the people, the culture, the food and most all I just miss traveling and being true to myself and having no one else but myself to rely on. I want to open my mind to a different way of living and lead a different lifestyle. Sydney is an amazing place and where you can gain a lot but you can also get consumed and loose your way and I have, so I’m just going to go find my way again and hopefully settle in Sydney once again down the track. As my girlfriend said to me the other day (you know who you are) I don’t have to like Sydney right now, I’ve been forcing myself to like Sydney, but there is so much out there. Those who have travelled know there is so much more out there other than Australia. Yes its ideal to get a career and bring a family up but its not the only place in the world. Sydney and I have a love hate relationship and we need a break, but I know I will miss you. My dad sent me a message the other day. “I’M LOST….I’m going to find myself, when I get back will you please wait for me.” Thank you for all the amazing support from my friends and family, thank you for believing in me and knowing that this is the right thing to do. Mum and Dad thank you for believing in me and helping me make this dream come true. Looking forward to all the doors that are about to open. Much love peace and happiness everyone.


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