A wake up call

When I stand here in this crazy world and look out Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by doubt Fear steps in and I just wonder And I begin to ponder All the scary things that happen out there every day But all I do is pray Pray for those, that are now scarred And have to … Continue reading

Why Bali

Some people still may be wondering why Bali? Well I have always known the answer to why Bali and I have known for a long time but now that I have been here for four months I can probably express the answer to why Bali a lot better and I can explain why so many … Continue reading

Surfing and Life

We often use the saying just ride the wave of life and recently I have seen the parallels between surfing and life become even stronger. I have had a few moments of clarity whilst sitting out in the surf, I guess it’s a time when I’m very calm and I can think clearly. I was … Continue reading

Photography mind expanding……

Things have been quite busy over the last few weeks, but things are now slowing down. So more time for little day trips and photography ventures. I have uploaded some shots under Indo in my Photography section so please check them out its just a taste of whats to come. Hope to get a lot … Continue reading

Day to Day

So I have nearly been in Bali for a month now and its has been jam packed with all sorts of things. I have seen a lot and been exposed to many aspects of the islands culture and community. I am really enjoying every aspect. There is a just a sense of happiness and peace … Continue reading

First few moments

So day one, I thought I’d write on day one and see if things change over time (I’m sure they will). Almost so my followers and I can reflect on how this all began. I have the time and access to wifi so its a good time to do it because my living arrangements and access … Continue reading