Black and white dreams

Everyone keeps saying its black and white And I can see what I want clearly in my sight But why does it continue to be a fight A fight within the mind and I’m not sure what is wrong or right Its scares me to let go And go deep into an area I don’t … Continue reading

Time to change your life and follow the right path……..

The heart can sometimes lie It can make you believe something so much it hurts and you cry you are almost consumed by it all because its like a drug you don’t want to end but eventually you will fall fall to the realisation that its not as good as you thought and its actually … Continue reading

Day to Day

So I have nearly been in Bali for a month now and its has been jam packed with all sorts of things. I have seen a lot and been exposed to many aspects of the islands culture and community. I am really enjoying every aspect. There is a just a sense of happiness and peace … Continue reading

First few moments

So day one, I thought I’d write on day one and see if things change over time (I’m sure they will). Almost so my followers and I can reflect on how this all began. I have the time and access to wifi so its a good time to do it because my living arrangements and access … Continue reading