The love we all dream of

This love is something you can’t deny they can’t be apart no matter how hard they try this love is what you see in your dreams It’s pure bliss it seems It’s felt from deep within l et this beautiful journey begin this pure love is rare and is something special that they share l … Continue reading

Why Bali

Some people still may be wondering why Bali? Well I have always known the answer to why Bali and I have known for a long time but now that I have been here for four months I can probably express the answer to why Bali a lot better and I can explain why so many … Continue reading

Silent visit one dark night

Do you only exist in my dreams You have it all it seems But is love blinding all things true How I feel I only wish you knew Open your mind open your eyes And please forget societies lies Because this rare And to deny this is not fair I bring you close just for … Continue reading