Confused dream

You fight so hard for your dream And then to not live is what happens it may seem You must keep the balance many say But all I do is sit here and pray That this isn’t taken away Not tomorrow not today Everything is happening so fast And I duno if it’s going to … Continue reading

Two lives collided

We met by chance And both took a second glance Intrigued by one another’s story With and without all its glory There was something more than this chance meet And potentially hearts did skip a beat amazing chats for hours a connection totally out of our powers stories of our dreams common visions it seems … Continue reading

The penny dropped

You walked by slowly in a dreamy state Wondering whether you were too late You’ve left your mark And it’s an undeniable spark But have I already walked too far To follow my shining star Yet another dream History repeats it may seem Maybe I should change my way And maybe this time stay Who … Continue reading

I’m not lost

I’m not lost at all I just learnt how to fall And pick myself up and adapt to now I question, “what are they thinking” to a cow I question all that surrounds me I’m constantly exploring what we truly see I arrived here a different way to most But I still spread more butter … Continue reading


I’m coming home it rang in my ears Let go of the fears And went with what my heart did beat Say goodbye to that exotic heat Trust that deep feeling in my tummy Play the fool like a dummy Trick myself I don’t know why I got to go But deep down I know … Continue reading

Paradise’s ecstasy

This ecstasy has to come to an end And positive energy is all I can send What an amazing journey never to forget Not one moment did I regret I feel grounded and strong To take on another journey where I belong People I have met with not be lost now Friends for life I … Continue reading

Dreaming Gypsy Girl

I grew up travelling the seas Playing in far away trees I saw more than most at my age But I was free not still in a cage Freedom is all I know My dreams would expand and grow I take fear by the reins Riding sky high drifting into the distant plains I don’t … Continue reading

Comfortably Numb

One touch to one tear Opened up to see things clear How did this go on Go on for so long Numb to all Too confused to even fall Driven by lust to protect Just then all you get is reject Who decided I was to wake Who decided it was time to break Break … Continue reading

Torn between two homes

How do you set them apart When they both feel so right in your heart You feel torn when you visit one As the other seems to be filled with light and fun Do you have to make a choice and try and listen to the little voice or shall you just go with the … Continue reading


When you finally reach this state You know it was worth the wait You have worked hard for this And now it is pure bliss You are balanced and at ease For this to never end you cry please A smile from ear to ear As there is no longer fear You have peace within … Continue reading