Free Falling

I’m trying to find you But I don’t know where you are, if only I knew I don’t want to search but I want you by my side In the past maybe my mind has lied I just want you here and now I don’t know how How I can find you and have you … Continue reading

Not what you asked for

Its time to say goodbye And I do not know why You came to me for a moment but you must go You don’t belong that’s all I know You flew in and rustled my feathers into a mess And played with my mind like a game of chess Take a look in the mirror … Continue reading


One thing I really wanted to do when I came to Bali was give back to the place that had given me so much over the years.  Bali is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, environment and culture, but unfortunately both the environment,people and culture do suffer. Sometimes you only see glimpses of … Continue reading