Even a dreaming gypsy girl misses her family

A lesson I have learned over the past few months is being born a dreamer and gypsy girl can have its positives and it can also have its negatives. I am ambitious and constantly striving for my dreams, most of the time achieving them, but when does it stop? When can you stop ticking dreams … Continue reading

Mother Temple of Besakih

Bali has this wonderful way of presenting you with beautiful friends at the right time. I have met some really amazing girls that have opened my eyes to different parts of Bali that I potentially I would not have seen if I didn’t meet them. A couple of girls in particular decided we must go … Continue reading

Dreaming Gypsy Girl

I grew up travelling the seas Playing in far away trees I saw more than most at my age But I was free not still in a cage Freedom is all I know My dreams would expand and grow I take fear by the reins Riding sky high drifting into the distant plains I don’t … Continue reading

Comfortably Numb

One touch to one tear Opened up to see things clear How did this go on Go on for so long Numb to all Too confused to even fall Driven by lust to protect Just then all you get is reject Who decided I was to wake Who decided it was time to break Break … Continue reading

Travelling Alone

So you wake up one day and realize that you have had enough of the day to day grind of a big city. You wonder where you can go and get that work life balance back, find yourself, live a stress free life and start the life you really want to lead. I decided Bali … Continue reading

Torn between two homes

How do you set them apart When they both feel so right in your heart You feel torn when you visit one As the other seems to be filled with light and fun Do you have to make a choice and try and listen to the little voice or shall you just go with the … Continue reading


When you finally reach this state You know it was worth the wait You have worked hard for this And now it is pure bliss You are balanced and at ease For this to never end you cry please A smile from ear to ear As there is no longer fear You have peace within … Continue reading

The love we all dream of

This love is something you can’t deny they can’t be apart no matter how hard they try this love is what you see in your dreams It’s pure bliss it seems It’s felt from deep within l et this beautiful journey begin this pure love is rare and is something special that they share l … Continue reading

Dont let the passion go

For those of you that know me well know I’m a bit of greenie, I’ve never tried to push it upon anyone, I’ve never done protests about it but its been in me ever since I had the freedom to walk aimlessly through nature and play in mother natures backyard the ocean everyday of my … Continue reading

Why Bali

Some people still may be wondering why Bali? Well I have always known the answer to why Bali and I have known for a long time but now that I have been here for four months I can probably express the answer to why Bali a lot better and I can explain why so many … Continue reading