Free Falling

I’m trying to find you But I don’t know where you are, if only I knew I don’t want to search but I want you by my side In the past maybe my mind has lied I just want you here and now I don’t know how How I can find you and have you … Continue reading

Not what you asked for

Its time to say goodbye And I do not know why You came to me for a moment but you must go You don’t belong that’s all I know You flew in and rustled my feathers into a mess And played with my mind like a game of chess Take a look in the mirror … Continue reading

Silent visit one dark night

Do you only exist in my dreams You have it all it seems But is love blinding all things true How I feel I only wish you knew Open your mind open your eyes And please forget societies lies Because this rare And to deny this is not fair I bring you close just for … Continue reading

Black and white dreams

Everyone keeps saying its black and white And I can see what I want clearly in my sight But why does it continue to be a fight A fight within the mind and I’m not sure what is wrong or right Its scares me to let go And go deep into an area I don’t … Continue reading

Dawn and Dusk

Two points in time that I absolutely love in Bali are Dawn and Dusk. I also love these points in time at home but it seems even more special here. Everything is really still and it feels as though its a moment in time for reflections, giving thanks and silence. Dawn its time to say … Continue reading

Surfing and Life

We often use the saying just ride the wave of life and recently I have seen the parallels between surfing and life become even stronger. I have had a few moments of clarity whilst sitting out in the surf, I guess it’s a time when I’m very calm and I can think clearly. I was … Continue reading

Photography mind expanding……

Things have been quite busy over the last few weeks, but things are now slowing down. So more time for little day trips and photography ventures. I have uploaded some shots under Indo in my Photography section so please check them out its just a taste of whats to come. Hope to get a lot … Continue reading

Trying to understand

Am I scared or just unprepared is it just easier to be alone or just communicate on the phone I don’t want to commit to the past where every thing moves too fast I’ll wait for it to be just right or it this something thats not in sight the time will come again where … Continue reading


One thing I really wanted to do when I came to Bali was give back to the place that had given me so much over the years.  Bali is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, environment and culture, but unfortunately both the environment,people and culture do suffer. Sometimes you only see glimpses of … Continue reading

Time to change your life and follow the right path……..

The heart can sometimes lie It can make you believe something so much it hurts and you cry you are almost consumed by it all because its like a drug you don’t want to end but eventually you will fall fall to the realisation that its not as good as you thought and its actually … Continue reading